Kosciuszko National Park is one of Australia’s true wonders. For us it is also home and we want to do our best to ensure when you come and visit it is as pristine and natural as humanly possible. Unfortunately people have an impact on the park. Just being here effects the environment. We make rubbish, use water, burn fuel, go to the toilet, eat food. It all has side effects.

What can we do? Well we have plans to;

  • reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

  • get smarter about recycling

  • reduce the amount of single use plastic brought into the hotel

  • Generate solar power on site

  • explore other measures to go greener.

Check with us when you arrive. We love to chat about the chalet and what is going on. One thing we have learned is that you, our guest know a lot about the world and maybe you can give us some good advice.

What can you do to help? We know you are on holiday so we will keep it as easy as possible.

All the rubbish you bring into the park has to be trucked back out. If you have treated yourself to new helmets, goggles etc consider leaving the packaging at home.

Laundry is done in-house at Sponars. Most of our laundry is towels. Room service have a policy that towels on the floor of the bathroom are changed. All other towels are either left where they are hung or placed back on the towel rails. If you don’t wish to re-use your towel that’s fine, just leave it on the floor of the bathroom.

Food wastage has caused us to change our ways. Half way through 2018 we introduced a menu at dinner and stopped having fixed seating times. We think this has worked very well but the reasons for it may not be obvious to guests. The menu allows us to very nearly cook all orders on demand. There has been a significant reduction in food being prepared and then wasted. There are other pluses too like needing fewer wait staff, more consistent work flow, a more relaxed dining room experience etc. We ask you to also be mindful of wasted food. At breakfast only take what you want to eat. You can always go back for a second helping. At dinner if you are full, consider not ordering desert or sharing with the someone.

What else are we doing to keep the environment clean? At Sponars we operate our own fresh water supply system. Our water comes from Rainbow Lake 1.5km up the valley. Fed by snow melt and rain the water is piped to a holding tank on the hill above the chalet. This tank is the main header. The overflow from this tank is bypassed down to the lake where Tony Sponar installed a fire hose point straight up in the air. Many people ask how the Sponars fountain works. Well it is simply the hi pressure bypass for the water supply being returned to Diggers Creek. The fountain stops the water pipes blowing up. We treat the water with UV radiation to kill all biological contaminants. No chlorine or other chemicals are added. The water is very clean anyway. We know because National Parks lab test it for quality every week.

Obviously once used, water cannot be simply flushed down the drain. We have our own sewage treatment plant. The plant runs entirely by bacteria consuming all the solids. Final sterilisation is completed with UV light. The outflow is lab tested every 2 weeks. Even though the outflow is clean we do not release any effluent into Diggers Creek. It is all piped to a settling pond where it evaporates away over summer. To ensure quality control the effluent is tested at the plant and two places along Diggers Creek every 2 weeks. This ensures we are meeting environmental standards and that there is no escape to the local catchment. Lab results of water testing are shown below.