Snow Pay Plan

This system makes it easy to pay for your ski holiday in 3 easy steps.

  1. Send email to with your booking details subject "Snow Pay Plan". You will receive an invoice from us.
  2. Click the link below and subscribe to Snow Pay Plan.
  3. Let us know when your payments are finished and we will cancel your plan.

The only rule is that your accommodation is all paid off two weeks prior to your trip.

COVID19 cancellation fees apply.  If you cancel or we cancel because of COVID 19 you may delay your booking to 2021 or recieve a credit note to use any time summer or winter in the next three years,

The why is easy. If you are one of us, it's a given that as soon as the weather turns cold you start dreaming of skiing. The beauty of the snow capped mountains, the exhilaration of flying down the slopes and the connection with other like minded fanatics.

The temperature drops or you hear of a snow fall somewhere in the world and you start thinking about the logistics on how to get there, how to afford it and how to stay longer.  This makes all that easier. Lock in your skiing holiday, pay it off, then you have the luxury of bathing in the anticipation.