Covid Safe Plan

Safety & Wellbeing? We’ve got it sorted.

Covid Safe Policy


  1. Sponars Chalet  located at Diggers Creek
  2. The chalet recognises the significant adverse health and economic impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had and continues to have in Australia.
  3. The primary objective of the chalet is to take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of all people who are employed by the chalet and/or choose to stay in and use the facilities of the chalet. The purpose of implementing this vaccination policy is to enable the chalet to fulfil this primary objective.
  4. The chalet has identified the following risk profile: a/During the winter season large numbers of guests can visit the premises and come into close contact with each other;  b /Many of the facilities at the premises are shared; c/There are times where it is not possible for the chalet to have an authorised representative on the premises to enforce physical distancing or hygiene measures which may be required pursuant to the chalet’s COVID Safe Plan; d/The age profile of some guests increases the risk and the potential severity of symptoms that person may experience if they are exposed to COVID-19.

Condition of Entry

6. The chalet reserves the right to refuse entry and the right to refuse to provide services to any person.

Effective Date and Review Period

7. This Policy is effective from 18th January 2022.

8.. This Policy will be reviewed on a regular basis and updated as required.  

9. This Policy has been adopted by the chalet as the best way to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 at the chalet’s premises. The chalet acknowledges that risk profiles may change and alternative measures to eliminate the risk may become available over time.  The chalet will continue to review its risk profile and in circumstances where it forms the view that there are alternative control measures other then mandatory vaccinations then the chalet may either vary, replace or discontinue this Policy upon further notice to guests.     

Our action plan and our commitment to you

We’ve always maintained the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the chalet, however, in light of COVID-19, we’ve added an extra layer of cleaning protocols, on top of our already thorough processes, to ensure your stay is safe, stress-free and refreshing as ever.

Public Spaces:

We’ve increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in our public areas. There’s also hand sanitiser dispensers throughout all spaces, and we’re practicing social distancing.

Guest Rooms:

On top of our regular rigorous cleaning processes, additional disinfecting protocols have been implemented in our guest rooms, after a guest departs and before the next arrives, with particular attention paid to hard and high-touch surfaces.  There is also a surface spray in your room to reduce viral load.  The Bankisa diffuser in your room contains anti-viral essential oils to further reduce viral load.

Behind the Scenes:

We’ve also made changes in our back of house areas, increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting. We’re focusing on high-touch areas including entrances, laundry and reception. and, of course, in our restaurants and bars serving or preparing food and beverages.


  • Booking platform designed to give you prearrival messages
  • Contactless check in
  • Lobby and Guest areas have a high level of cleaning and posters to guide you on best practices.
  • Guest area seating has been arranged to comply with NSW health guidelines
  • Hand sanitisers throughout the building to be handy for use often
  • Fogging machine used to deep clean between rooms between bookings to give you assurance of cleanliness.
  • We will ask guests to wear face covering on Sponars Snow Shuttle service.
  • Sanitiser products available  for pool cues and table tennis bats.