Full Moon Cycle to the top of Australia

See the stars without light pollution while cycling to Mount Kosciuszko at night.

Living in a city, I can only see a few stars even on a clear night. For years I’ve dreamed of seeing a sky full of stars with the Milky Way arching overheard. Maybe you have too.

There are several ways you can experience the main range at night depending on what you like doing.  There are the hikers, the joggers, the cyclists and the ebikers.  It’s a 10km dirt road from Charlottes Pass to the top.  If it’s a clear night it’s magical on the main range.  The moon guides your path as you leave Charlottes Pass behind, you can choose to travel as far as you want and you’ll get the experience of enormity of the universe.

Let’s go stargazing!

Email us to book a weekend package. The Easter Weekend is a great option.

Easter Weekend

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